Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2019 Mega-Neighborhood Garage Sale, June 7 & 8 - Our neighborhood garage sale for 2019 was held Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8, from 9am to 4pm each day.  We were combined with 8 other local neighborhoods for a MEGA Multi-Neighborhood Garage Sale event. It was free for HOA members to participate. The event is sponsored by your HOA and  Thank to everyone who participated!  

Spring Break, Warm Weather & Senior Tag
Block Watch Safety Tips from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office - CLICK HERE

Are you planning to have a fence, deck or any other above ground structure built on your property?  
Please submit the request to VOCHOA's Architectural Review Board (ARB) prior to start of construction.  Please CLICK HERE for instructions.

Insurance Premium Cost Reduced

The Trustees received two quotes for the Association’s annual premium coverage.  In prior years, State Farm Insurance was consistently lower, but elected to increase rates significantly.  State Farm Insurance was $4,907.00 and Erie Insurance was $3,365.00 for 12 month period beginning in October 2013.  The Board selected Erie Insurance which was $1,542.00 less.  


VOCHOA maintains 3 retention ponds in the common areas. Maintenance includes both mowing the grass areas around the ponds and water quality treatment. This year, Aqua Docs will be performing water testing and treatment biweekly. Freedom Lawncare will be cutting the grass. Our ponds are periodically stocked with fish for Catch and Release enjoyment. The ponds are shared by all members.


Common Areas

Any structures such as fire pits, lawn furniture, gym sets, gardens and other personal structures are not permitted in our common areas; and residence are encouraged to report violations to the Trustees. The areas should be left clear for mowing and enjoyment of all members.


VOCHOA has 3 entrances that require landscaping and maintenance. Freedom Lawncare recently cleaned up each location and added fresh mulch.