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Dear Residents,

We are excited with the progress on the entrance signs and thank you all for your patience as we work through this exciting project! Below is an update of the work completed so far and the steps remaining.  

Holderman Entrance  

* Irrigation - Still being worked on. There is a leak on DelCo’s side of the meter and the Proscape irrigation team is working with DelCo to get this resolved. As soon as DelCo has done their part, the Proscape team will wrap up the irrigation here. The irrigation team is on site today working on the system.  

* Lighting - Complete but may need adjustments.

* Plant/Mulch Install - Complete. |

* Power washing - Complete.

* Painting of Letters - We anticipate this will either be finished Tuesday or Thursday, weather pending.

* Note - There are a few weeds popping up at this entrance. Proscape will have someone make sure they get taken care of and see to it that they get some additional pre-emptive weed control down.

Gladshire Entrance  

* Irrigation - Complete.  

* Tree/Vegetation Removal - Complete.

* Lighting - The lighting is complete on the North side of the road but it has been discovered that the line on the South side is bad. Proscape is in contact with a company to bore a new power line under the road. Orange Township has informed us it was something that would have to be completed through Delaware County and we are waiting to speak with them on this issue. We've been informed utility companies are typically the only ones granted permission to bore under roadways. Proscape will update with options as further information is received.

* Plant/Mulch Install - Proscape have finished planting the trees and closing in the walls will be completed today.

* Power Washing - Complete.

* Painting of Letters - Complete.

* Landscape Walls - Complete.

* Grade Work and Seeding - Complete.

Royal Oak Drive Entrance  

* Irrigation - Still needs completed.  

* Tree/Vegetation Removal - Complete.

* Lighting - Still needs completed. Going to attempt to run our low voltage line through the existing conduit. This will be done toward the end of the project.

* Plant/Mulch Install - Will be completed once the signs are built.

* Landscape Walls - Proscape will move forward with this as soon as the board agrees on the placement of the boulders.

* Sign Build - The sign permit has been approved and construction is scheduled to begin today.

* Grade Work and Seeding - To be completed after installation of the sign and the wall.

* AEP & Sign Removal - Permission has been given for Proscape to cut the lock off of the existing electrical box and remove it from the sign. Because Proscape has concerns about the electric current in that box, they are going to have an electrician remove the box so that Proscape can move forward with removing the existing sign.

Lighting update for all Entrances  

* Proscape representative was at yesterday’s Zone hearing meeting.  

* The new signs are approved but Proscape has been informed there is a “dark sky” policy that doesnt allow for lighting to point up into the sky. This means 24 tree lights will not be allowed to be installed pointing upward.

* Proscape will remove the cost of the lights.

* The lights that point at the signs will still be installed.

* We are meeting with Proscape Project Manager again next week to find a solution for adding more lights to the entrances.

Thank you for your patience as we work toward a more beautiful community!  


The Villages of Oak Creek Board of Directors, Copyright 2019

The Board had the final walk through with the project manager of Proscape today (8/28/19). They will begin clearing brush and removing trees at Royal Oak & Gladshire the week of September 9, 2019. We hope you are as excited as we are for these improvements!

As promised the Board would like to share some renderings of the anticipated project with the community. The drawings show a complete re-construction to the Gladshire & Royal Oak entrances and a small spruce up of the Holderman entrance. They are also focusing on tying them all together and becoming more of a consistent look and feel between all three. Thank you for your patience as we work through this project. Have a wonderful week. VIEW PROJECT (PDF FORMAT)

We extend a warm welcome to our new Villages Of Oak Creek Homeowners Association (VOCH) board member, Anwesha Chatterjee. Anwesha has replaced Karen Brown. Unfortunately, Karen had to step down from the board due to family obligations. We thank Karen for her service and are excited to have Anwehsa join the team.

The VOCH Board is pleased to announce the award of the contract to rebuild the community entrances at Royal Oak Drive and Gladshire Boulevard to Proscape Lawn & Landscape Services LLC. These two entrances were substantially destroyed during the Old State widening project that occurred the last couple of years. When Delaware County annexed VOCH land along Old State Road, they provided the VOCH funds to compensate for the land taken. A significant portion of these funds is being used to pay for the rebuild of the Royal Oak and Gladshire entrances.  

From the beginning the goal of the Board has been to spend its resources wisely and build entrances that make our homeowners proud. Many hours of planning and meetings went into this effort. Board members, CPS, and volunteers met individually with landscape design architects, and four companies were selected to formally submit design plans and bids for the project.

A subcommittee of community residents volunteered their time to review the design submissions and assist the Board make the final selection of Proscape. We want to thank (Nataleigh, Mark Hance, Aravinda Dassanayake, Darren Thompson, Candace Nespeca, Eddie Roberts, Kelly Wagaman and Lori Swearingen) for their valuable assistance and help with the selection process.

One of the objectives of the redesign process was to salvage the existing materials that could be reused at both entrances. The monuments at Gladshire will be kept, with minor repairs being made. The monuments at Royal Oak will be completely rebuilt and brought into a consistent look with the monuments at Gladshire and Holderman Street.

The large trees that back up the monuments at both entrances will not be kept. We had hoped to salvage some of them, but during a final walk through with Proscape we determined that it was not feasible to keep them. Most trees were either diseased or had many dead limbs. All of the landscaping companies we met with had recommended their removal, and we reluctantly decided this was the best approach. Disease resistant Norway Spruce trees will be planted to back up the monuments at both entrances. 

As part of the project the Holderman entrance will receive a minor facelift which will include some new shrubs and better lighting. When the project is complete all of the VOCH entrances will have a similar look and feel. Proscape will spend an estimate of four weeks starting in late September on the reconstruction. (weather pending). We are confident that when the project is complete our community residents will be pleased with the results. Watch for another email soon with drawings of the anticipated project! 

Shilpa and Brian 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2019 Mega-Neighborhood Garage Sale
Our neighborhood garage sale for 2019 was held Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8, from 9am to 4pm each day. We were combined with 8 other local neighborhoods for a MEGA Multi-Neighborhood Garage Sale event. It was free for HOA members to participate. The event is sponsored by your HOA and Thank to everyone who participated! 

Spring Break, Warm Weather & Senior Tag
Block Watch Safety Tips from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office - CLICK HERE 

Are you planning to have a fence, deck or any other above ground structure built on your property?  
Please submit the request to VOCHOA's Architectural Review Board (ARB) prior to start of construction. Please CLICK HERE for instructions.

nsurance Premium Cost Reduced 
The Trustees received two quotes for the Association’s annual premium coverage. In prior years, State Farm Insurance was consistently lower, but elected to increase rates significantly. State Farm Insurance was $4,907.00 and Erie Insurance was $3,365.00 for 12 month period beginning in October 2013. The Board selected Erie Insurance which was $1,542.00 less.  

VOCHOA maintains 3 retention ponds in the common areas. Maintenance includes both mowing the grass areas around the ponds and water quality treatment. This year, Aqua Docs will be performing water testing and treatment biweekly. Freedom Lawncare will be cutting the grass. Our ponds are periodically stocked with fish for Catch and Release enjoyment. The ponds are shared by all members.

Common Areas
Any structures such as fire pits, lawn furniture, gym sets, gardens and other personal structures are not permitted in our common areas; and residence are encouraged to report violations to the Trustees. The areas should be left clear for mowing and enjoyment of all members.

VOCHOA has 3 entrances that require landscaping and maintenance. Freedom Lawncare recently cleaned up each location and added fresh mulch

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