Frequently Asked Questions

There are several options:

1 - Delaware County Dog Warden, 740-368-1915.
2 - The Delaware County Sheriff Office recommends the following:
     a) Try to speak to the neighbor;
     b) If unsuccessful, the homeowner will need 20 minutes of uninterrupted audio with the dog barking in order for the Sheriff’s Office to take a report. If we find the dog barking, we can forward this evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office for potential charges. And, if charges are warranted, we will have the complainant sign a criminal complaint. However, if we do not hear the dog barking constantly/consistently for 20 minutes straight, we will make contact with the homeowner and advise them of the complaint(s) of the barking dog and warn them that it is against the township ordinance.

If you notice a damaged sign post, let the Trustees know. We can then notify Orange Township Road Maintenance Department at or 740-657-2630.

No, trampolines, swing sets and other personal structures must be kept on your own property. These structures interfere with mowing equipment. 

American Electric Power (AEP) provided us the following list. This is a brief list of trees that mature at a height 15’ or less. For more ideas of trees, they suggest to refer to university or state extension services, rather than nurseries.Vegetation Suitable for Planting Under Overhead Powerlines

Contact the Orange Township Maintenance Dept. 740-548-4576. In addition, contact your elected Township Trustees at this link.

The sidewalk cleaning, shoveling and repair is your responsibility. Since the sidewalk is in the right-a-way, you might need to double check with Orange Township Zoning office before starting any demo work. Read More

The Trustees do not get involved with property line issues. Recommend you consult with a registered surveyor. You can contact the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors at

The maximum height is 12-inches which is typically a toddler pool. For safety, please drain the pool’s water at the end of the day. In ground pools require ARB approval and construction permits for the Township and County.

Please read your Deed Restrictions and refer to instructions on the Architectural Review Board (ARB) section for submission requirements. We now have an application form on line.    

No, the ARB does not review plans for swing sets. We do ask residence to periodically clean and/or stain the wood, for a better appearance. Install the set on your own property and not within the common areas.

We recommend you contact the Delaware County Sheriff if there is noise disturbance at (740) 833-2800.

First, we encourage you to speak with your neighbors. Maybe their mower is broken or they have a good reason, but they plan to perform the yard maintenance soon. If that does not work, then notify the Trustees of the problem.

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