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Review Board

Highway Noise Abatement Guide - Click here

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South Old State Road Plans - as of 3/7/2016
A. Drawing 15_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf
B. Drawing 16_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf

C. Drawing 17_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf
D. Drawing 18_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf

E. Drawing 19_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf
F.  Drawing 20_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf

G. Drawing 21_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf

H. Drawings 15 to 21_S. Old State at VOCHOA.pdf (ALL FILES A - G)

Landscape Drawing

Gladshire Entrance Landscape Drawings 2002. pdf

Holderman Entrance Waterfall Drawings 2003.pdf

Holderman Entrance Landscape Drawings 2002 and 2003.pdf

Final roadway widening plans along South Old State Street, between Orange Road and Royal Oak Drive (2/5/2016):
A.  Noise Barrier Photo
B.  Set #1 - #164 Plans
C.  Set #2 - #151 Plans
D.  Set #3 - #159 Plans
E.  Set #4 - #171 Plans
F.  South Old State (Sheet 15 to 21)

South Old State St_Road Plans (previous)

A._Sheets 16 to 21_S. Old St _Exhibit Shading_received from…unty May 2014.pdf

B._Sheet 133 to 139_Old State St_received from County May 2014.pdf

C._Sheet 399 to 407_90243 Right of Way Set_Old State St_re…unty May 2014.pdf

D._Noise Wall Properties exhibit_Old State St.pdf

E._Noise Barrier Comment Sheet Template_Old State St.pdf

The Trustees have voted to increase the annual dues 8.0 percent for period beginning January 1, 2014.  The additional dues will help offset the drainage maintenance costs at our roadway culverts and ponds.  Invoices will be mailed out around February 1, 2014 for the total amount of $135.00.  Resolution

Our Association donated portions or granted easements along our property to Orange Township to contribute in interconnecting the Park Trails around our community.  The VOCHOA Trustees obtained design drawings from the Township.  The following plans were obtained from the Township, and are for reference only.  Information is for reference purposes only.  The originals are on file at the Township office.  

Bike Path, South Orange Road Drawings

Oak Creek Bike Path Drawings

Orange Road Pond Drawings  

• Phase 8 Easement with Township_2010

The VOCHOA Trustees obtained record as-built construction drawings of each phase from Delaware County Engineers Office. These are record drawings submitted by the developer showing the site grading plans, roads and utilities.  Information is for reference purposes only.  The originals are on file at the County office.  
Disclaimer: The drawings cannot be used for legal purposes, and you should obtain a registered professional surveyor in Ohio for more accurate lot corners.

Phases 1 to 4, As-built Drawings

Phases 5 and 8, As-built Drawings

Phases 6, As-built Drawings

Phases 7 and 9, As-built Drawings

Phases 10A and 10B, As-built Drawings

Phases 11A and 1B, As-Built Drawings

Phase 12, As-built Drawings

• Resolution VOCHOA 10-1-16

• Resolution (Deed Violations)
VOCHOA 10-30-16