Block Watch

According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Department:
Please do not park on Crescent Drive or Royal Oak for student pick-up or drop-off. These are no parking areas and may result in action by the sheriff's department. Thank you for your understanding.


• SPEED: Please SLOW DOWN in school zone areas. We are working diligently to enforce these school speed zones, but with 44 public school zones in our jurisdiction it is difficult to patrol ALL of them during ALL of the school times.
• BUS: Remember not to pass a school bus at any time – especially when the STOP sign arm is engaged. 
• CROSSING: During those start and end of school hours, watch for children crossing streets (no matter how much we teach them, they sometimes forget to look both ways – or they’re busy texting while walking!)

Thefts from Vehicle

• This remains one of the top two crimes committed in Delaware County. 
• Do NOT leave valuables in your vehicle – regardless of where it’s parked! 
• Always lock your vehicle – even though some criminals smash windows and grab the goods, your odds of not becoming a victim increase when you lock your car!
• Remove your garage door opener from your vehicle (if possible) when you enter your house.

House Check

Going on vacation? Planning a long weekend get-away? Please let the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department know (and not all your “friends” on social media!). Give us a call at 740-833-2800 and provide a few basic details, and while you’re away our Patrol Deputies will stop by your residence and walk the perimeter one to two times daily to ensure all is well! This service, cleverly referred to as “HOUSE CHECK,” only takes a phone call and a few minutes of your time, but gives you a little peace of mind while you’re out of town!

Block Watch Committee

During the HOA’s annual meeting on March 18, 2015, Adrienne Selsor, Chair, provided us with updates. The sheriff and township installed the new block watch signs at our 4 entrances. A 'Cross Traffic Does Not Stop' sign was added to the stop signs at the intersection of Royal Oak Drive and Gladshire where there had been many ‘near miss’ accidents. 

The sidewalk was completed connecting VOCHOA to Little Bear at 

Gladshire where a portion had been missing to ensure people could walk and ride bikes safely.

To help with engagement, block watch survey forms were distributed with the February invoices and a VOCHOA Volunteer of the Year award was established. Joe Stock was presented with the 2014 VOCHOA Volunteer of the Year award for his countless hours of service to our neighborhood. Please thank Joe for all he does.

Reminder: During warmer weather it's 

important to close garage doors and remember kids will be at play, so parents need to encourage safe outdoor play rules and drivers should not speed and look for the kiddos. Recently a neighbor reported finding drugs and devices at Pond 3 near Manorgate - please report issues like this to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department police as they arise. The nonemergency number is 740-833-2800. They want to hear from you. 


This is a reminder about reporting suspicious behavior to the Sheriff’s Office. 

If you see something suspicious taking place in your neighborhood, please call the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office at 740-833-2800 and report what you are observing. Please call even if you are unsure if the observed suspicious behavior is a crime or not. 

You could very well PREVENT a future crime or help us SOLVE a similar crime just by taking a moment to call us to report something suspicious.

Listen to your gut, follow your instincts. If something just doesn’t look or feel right, don’t ignore it. Call us immediately! 


To verify if a solicitor is valid please call the Delaware County Sheriff dispatchers at 740-833-2800.

The Board of Orange Township Trustees recently approved the Registration and Regulation of Transient Vendors or "Door-to-Door" sales in Orange Township. Residents can now add their addresses to the "Do Not Knock" Registry. To be added to the “Do Not Knock” registry, please email your name and address to the Township Administrator at with “DO NOT KNOCK” in the email subject line. For any questions, call the Administrator at 740-548-5430 ext. 3108.

Message from Superintendent Wade Lucas

Recently Superintendent Wade Lucas reached out to families in the Olentangy Local School system regarding sexual misconduct in one of the elementary schools. His letter includes a list of resources you may find helpful in talking to your children about this sensitive topic. CLICK HERE TO READ LETTER

Crime Tracker

Find out about crimes that are being committed in our neighborhood and Delaware County. Includes date and type of crime. CLICK HERE

Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe!  

Thanks so much for your interest in keeping our neighborhood safe! Please read the attached documents that outline current concerns and action needed as outlined in our block watch meeting. Our first priority is to be sure we have up to date contact information for everyone so please let me know if you are interested in helping with this initiative. 

Adrienne Selsor ( 

Block Watch Handout_by Delaware Co Sheriff_July 2014.pdf
Block Watch Meeting Summary_7-24-14.pdf 

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