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Welcome to The Villages of Oak Creek Homeowners' Association, Inc. We are located in Orange Township, Delaware County, Ohio. As one of the larger neighborhoods in our area, we look forward to offering information and updates to benefit our residents, plus those interested in relocating into our community. Thank you!

2021 Garage Sale

Annual Community Garage Sale
Friday, June 4;  Saturday, June 5;  and Sunday, June 6
9am - 4pm, Rain or Shine 

Multiple neighborhoods nearby will be participating in this event and the organizers takes care of the advertising.  

Common Ground Free Store Ministries
Villages of Oak Creek Homeowners Association

Owners Annual Meeting

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Association News Bulletin


Hello Residents,

With Spring approaching and the weather getting nicer, we wanted to send a friendly reminder about Spring homeowner Responsibilities. 

Any owners who have maintenance items on-hold from last Fall, due to Winter weather, need to have those outstanding issues completed by 4/15/2021. All on-hold items will be re-opened after this date and enforcement of these items will resume where they were left off last Fall. 

Homeowner Responsibility Reminders: 

    • Algae on the exterior of the home should be removed. 
    • No Open Storage in the Community. 
    • No Signs being displayed outside of the home, except for “For Sale” signs. 
    • Basketball Hoops should be weighted properly. No bricks, stones, sandbags etc. 
    • Mailboxes are in good condition. 
    • No boats or trailers in the community kept longer than the declarations allow. 
    • Inoperable vehicles should not be stored. 
    • Be sure to start pulling weeds on your lot as they start to appear this Spring. 
    • No Sheds 

**Please be advised these are just a few examples. All of the rules and regulations for the Community can be found in your Governing Documents and should be closely followed.** 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to or call at 614-481-4411 

Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the warmer weather! 

Capital Property Solutions 



Dear Residents,

The VOCH Board is excited to announce the Fall completion of final restorations and improvements from the Old State widening project. We have contracted with Joseph Tree Service to plant 37 new trees on VOCH property along Old State, with the majority of these trees filling in gaps north of Gladshire Avenue. In addition, Joseph will replace the 5 dead Green Giant Arborvitae near the Royal Oak entrance with White Pines (under warranty). 

Proscape Lawn and Landscape Services will finish the grading and seeding behind the Sound wall and our regular landscaper Jim will complete the seeding of the bare ground next to the gravel pit north of Gladshire. Proscape will also replace the 2 dead Norway Spruce trees under warranty in the North Gladshire entrance box. 

This work will be completed in October and will exhaust the remaining funds left from the settlement the VOCH reached with Delaware County from the annexation of VOCH land. The Board hopes that all residents will be able to enjoy the benefits ot these improvements to our common areas for many years to come. 

The Board of Directors


Dear Residents,

We have been made aware from the township that there are several street signs that were knocked down over the weekendThe Sheriff’s office is aware, but if anyone has any information or caught anything on a home camera please call the police. Orange Township will replace the street posts as soon as they can. 

You may have noticed the new sidewalk ramps, which will be a nice addition to the community. However, we realize that the grass seed at those corners did not take and they are mostly dirt and weeds currently. We have reached out to Orange Township and they have let us know they will be back in the Fall to reseed any areas that did not take the grass seed well.   In the meantime, they are asking those owners at the corners to water and mow if possible, to help the grass establish if possible. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the Township, this is their project. 

Orange Township Office
1680 E Orange Rd 
(740) 548-5430 

Capital Property Solutions


Dear Residents,

The tree trimming and clearance pruning will continue today and tomorrow behind the sound wall to prepare it to be maintained going forward.

The Grading of the unmanageable areas will begin on August 7th. 

Thank you for your patience during this much needed improvement. 

Have a wonderful week! 

Capital Property Solutions


Dear Residents,

We have many exciting updates. 

  •  We have asked Proscape about the new grass seeded at the entrances at Royal Oak and Gladshire Blvd last fall. Its not where we want it to be. Proscape aerated the areas and over seeded a few weeks ago. They recommended patience as the grass takes hold.  

  •  We continue to research the ability to add better lighting at the Royal Oak and Gladshire entrances with Orange Township.

  •  We are developing a plan to add flowers in all 3 VOCH entrances at Royal Oak, Gladshire, and Holderman Drive for beautification and color.

  •    A contract has been awarded to Joseph Tree Service to install 6 trees on each side of the entrance at Royal Oak Drive. In addition, they have performed an assessment of all trees on VOCH property along South Old State Rd. Those that are dead or too far declined were tagged for removal with an orange ribbon. They will perform a crown raise (raising the bottom of the trees) of approximately 3-5 feet for the spruce/pine trees that we will keep. Our regular landscaper will perform mowing and cleanup underneath the trees after this has been performed and add mulch for a better look. Joseph Tree will begin the work on Friday May 29, and will need at least one day the following week to finish.

  •  Joseph Tree Service will perform a second phase of tree installation in the fall. Our common area north of Gladshire Blvd. will look cleaned up but more open after the removal of many dead and dying trees. So, we will strategically re-plant in sections/areas that we took trees down. We will add many trees for screening/privacy since there is no sound wall along that section of land.

  •  Delaware County mandated the placement of the water retention area (rocky bed) north of the Gladshire entrance for environmental compliance. We will perform grading around the rocky bed for ease of maintenance.

We appreciate everyone doing their part to make their home look the best it can. We are focused on improvements to VOCH community property to make VOCH a neighborhood everyone enjoys! 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, 
Capital Property Solutions


Minutes from our most current meeting has been posted. ACCESS ON MEETINGS PAGE


Dear Owners

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office has notified us they will be conducting a study within the next couple weeks for an underpass of the railroad tracks that cross over Orange Road. Please be aware that it may be necessary for the engineers to be on your property to do certain survey and field studies that are within and directly adjacent to the existing road right of way. 

The work crews have strict instructions relating to your private property and in the event that any of your valuable vegetation must be cleared to accomplish this work, you will be notified as the procedures that will be followed by the County Engineer’s office. 

Please reach out to the Delaware County Engineer’s office if you have any questions. The field staff will not have definite answers as they will be collecting data for the study only. 

Should the ultimate design of the project affect your property, a representative from the Delaware County Engineer’s Office will reach out to you directly.   READ NOTICE

Have a wonderful week!
Capital Property Solutions



Dear Residents,

The Board has done the final walk through of the entrances with CPS and Proscape Lawn and Landscape Services this week. There are two minor items to take care of such as pulling the flags marking buried lines and straightening one tree, but other than that everything is done. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked through this large construction project. 

Some residents have mentioned the lighting is not bright enough, while we would love to see it brighter, there were two stipulations to Orange Township approving our new signs. 1.) Only two lights are allowed directed towards the sign face of both signs. No other lights shall be installed and 2.) The color temperature of the monument lighting shall be less than three thousand (3,000) Kelvin for both signs. We purchased lighting that comes in right under the 3,000 Kelvin to be in compliance of our permit. Unfortunately, we do not have the authority to go brighter or install more lighting as we had hoped and wished to do from the beginning. 

Starting from the very beginning, with our wonderful entrance committee helping to start the project and put together all these great ideas to the Board overseeing the project with CPS through to the end, we really hope you love the outcome of all three of the entrances and are proud to pull into the community every day. 

he Board of Directors & Capital Property Solutions


12/9/2019: Entrance Construction Update 


Proscape just wrapped up at the site on all entrances 🎊🎉 🍾 🎈 

Irrigation - complete. 
Plant/mulch - complete. 
Landscape walls - complete. 
Sign build & repair - complete. 
Grade work & seeding - complete. 
Lighting - complete for Holderman & Gladshire entrances. 

We are short two lights on Royal oak drive entrance they will get installed on Monday. 

The electric work did not need an inspection from AEP so sometime in the next 1-10 days AEP will be out to put the meter in on Royal Oak Drive & switch on the connection. So, lights will not work until AEP puts the meter in. 

The electricians will be back midweek (December 10-11) to finish the electric add on for extra plug points for holiday lighting. 

Holiday lighting - Gladshire & Royal Oak Drive will be as soon as plait points are installed by December 10-11. 

Holderman lighting coming soon next week.

Final walkthrough is still to be done. 

Thank You, 
Shilpa Saxena, Brian Smith, Anwesha Pathak Chatterjee

As promised the Board would like to share some renderings of the anticipated project (above) with the community. The drawings show a complete re-construction to the Gladshire & Royal Oak entrances and a small spruce up of the Holderman entrance. They are also focusing on tying them all together and becoming more of a consistent look and feel between all three. 

Dear Residents,

We wanted to send the community a construction update. 

Holderman entrance - All the work is done. Lights are turned on.   

Gladshire entrance - All the work is done. Lights are turned on both the sides. Yesterday by mistake the light switch was switched off. The boulders are in place.   

Royal Oak entrance - The new sign is almost finished on the north side. The south side will be finished on Monday.Irrigation - Still needs completed. Lighting - Still needs completed. Proscape is going to attempt to run our low voltage line through the existing conduit. This will be done close to the end of the project.   

Plant/Mulch Install - Will be done once the signs are built.   

Landscape Walls - Proscape is working on this portion of the job. The N & S side are as far as they are going to go until they build the sign. They will be finished as Proscape finish building the monument sign and get boulders and trees placed.   

Grade Work and Seeding - Grade work and seeding will be complete after the sign and wall install.   

End date - The goal is to have the remainder of the job wrapped up by Dec. 6th. (weather pending)  

Holiday lights will be done on Holderman & Gladshire entrances after Thanksgiving & Royal Oak will be decorated after the construction is finished. 

We are still researching ideas for putting more lights at Royal Oak & Gladshire entrances for more visibility.   

Thank You,
hilpa Saxena, Brian Smith, Anwesha Pathak Chatterjee  

Capital Property Solutions

Dear Owners,

As Winter approaches we want to ensure that we do some Fall/Winter beautification items throughout the community. These are items that will keep our neighborhood looking one of the best even through Winter. Please review the following items that were noticed on our recent inspection and complete these items by November 30, 2019. Please be sure: 

    * All lawn waste bags are removed from your property
    * All rotten pumpkins are disposed of
    * Mulch bags are stored away for the Winter
    * Landscaping materials and equipment is stored for the Winter
    * Hoses are wrapped up and stored for the Winter 

We understand that it is getting too cold to power wash and ask that if you had received letters for this that you plan to remove all algae and mildew from your siding as soon as the weather breaks in the Spring 2020. We will pause this compliance item until next year. Please help us keep our neighborhood beautiful and lots clear of open storage. Have a wonderful weekend. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, 
Capital Property Solutions


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Note to homeowners and title companies: There is a $75 transfer fee when selling a home.  
Please make sure your paperwork reflects this. 

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